Winter 2020/2021 Inspiring Tribe Member

I am a little late on getting this Winter's 2020/2021 Tribe member announced. Ladies & Gents meet Kandice Svec!

Kandice Svec



I had started in a totally different direction and design for Kandice. One with a compass because she has always been with me in any direction I have gone. Teaching me that just cause it wasn't the direction I wanted or thought I should be going didn't mean it was the wrong direction. It was my direction and to enjoy the journey!

 you are never lost pendant


But then one Fall night in late October I got a life changing text from Kandice telling me she was diagnosed with a rare form of Liver Cancer. I knew then that my design had to change but nothing was right! I wanted it to speak to people and tell a story about Kandice but also represent who she is! 


Then one day a conversation between 2 ladies Kandice brought together (Linda Dunham & Me) happened, we decided to design a way to support Kandice & Kurt, a way to keep them close everyday, and help ease any financial burdens along the way. It is such a difficult time to have to be secluded from the ones you love and who love you. It's a time when hugs are needed but we can't physically give them to protect her immunity. 


The "RESTORE OUR WARRIOR" Collection was born!
* A beautiful necklace, kept close to the heart.
* Matching stud owl earrings for the days when maybe your outfit doesn't allow a necklace.
  The Owl is considered a source of Protection and great victory!!!


If you have even just glazed the surface of a quick smile and conversation with this lady, you have felt her energy.

To call her a sister, daughter, wife, or a have been Changed Forever.


She is one of the rarest of human beings.

She loves with her whole heart, lives without hesitation, and shows up on every level for every one in her life.

Her light has touched so many.

Her strength may have pulled you through a rough time or helped make a difficult decision.

Her support is endless.

She has stood by many of our sides.



Kandice & Kurt

And now, it is our turn to RETURN all of that LOVE and SUPPORT to her and Kurt(her amazing husband fighting by her side).



 A special way to keep her near us and us(her warriors) surrounding her.



I poured all my love and heart into these creations & Linda & I named them:




The meaning in each charm is so very special!

The lightbulb, we wear for Kandice to be her Light in the Darkness, as she has often been for us.

The Owl, considered a source of Protection and great victory.

It has become a  meaningful symbol to Kandice & Kurt that God has been walking with them through this difficult time.

The Angel Wing, may her angels be near and guide her on this journey.

And Warrior.....may she be a MIGHTY one and WIN this BATTLE 💟

Owl Stud Earrings

50% of the proceeds will be donated to Kandice and Kurt to assist with any financial needs during this trying time.






Please share this blog with people you know! My Goal is to sell 100 of these necklaces for her


Don't want a necklace or Earrings but would like to donate to her fight. Click Here:

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  • Jenny-What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul! Rooting and praying for you Kandice!! Sending love and hugs!


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