About Jenica Jewelry

Imagine feeling that you are a burden to your family, you resent your son, and you can’t care for your children. No matter how hard you try, you can’t understand why. 

This is my story and it lasted for 3 years. I was ashamed of who I had become, felt unworthy and alone. I hid my postpartum depression from the world because I didn't want to have the label of being broken and weak. 

I have been designing jewelry as a career since 2004. Before I became pregnant with my second son, I also owned and managed our coffee shop & wine bar as well as created refinished furniture and home décor.  The hunt to find something ugly or broken, was a passion I didn’t fully understand at the time. Seeing it transform from unwanted to something beautiful was rewarding.  It’s funny how I found myself in the same place as the furniture I was refinishing, shattered & unloved. How does losing my identity to become a mom not takeover my life.  It did - I went through it, got REALLY lost! I found my way out through expressing these emotions into powerful, motivating, and inspirational jewelry. These pieces serve as a daily reminder that I am Strong, I am Able, I am Worthy, and I am LOVED and I hope they do the same for you.

I work with many materials and have found a LOVE for resin & creating things into whatever I dream up. Because I use such a wide variety of materials I have many different options available to you.  Build your own pieces, make & take classes, a full line of jewelry, along with many one of a kind pieces.

I want my love for jewelry & my story to bring awareness to women that you are not alone, your story is yours (embrace it) and postpartum is REAL. You can get through it! I would love to connect with you and build a piece that expresses your story