Jewelry Care

To extend the longevity of your jewelry and ensure it shines for life:

  • Put your jewelry on last, cosmetics, lotions and hair spray can impact the luster of your pieces.
  • Remove jewelry before taking showers or going swimming as chlorine, soaps & detergents can be very damaging
  • Polish your item only as necessary as a small amount of metal will be removed over time.

To create the antiqued look, it is plated with fine metals and then oxidized to give them that aged look. They are then polished and lightly lacquered. Because the items are antiqued using this process, the look of them becoming darker over time is “the look”. The jewelry pieces darkening cannot be prevented or cleaned.

Please Note

Water: Do NOT submerge your jewelry pieces in water. Resin is NOT water proof, only water resistant. So please remember to remove your jewelry before showers, swimming, washing up, etc.

Sunlight: Store your jewelry out of direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause the resin to discolor and soften.

Smoking: If your piece is in regular contact with smoke it may discolor. However, some of our smoking resin jewelry clients have worn their pieces for years without discoloration.

Chemicals: Avoid exposing your jewelry to harsh chemicals and cleaning products. This includes perfume, hair spray, cleaning solutions, nail polish remover, antibacterial hand sanitizer, etc. Solvents will react with the epoxy and cause it to become scaly, yellow, chip or break down completely.


A small Ziploc bag will protect your jewelry for the environment, slow down the signs antiquing (darkening), and prevent scratching from other pieces.