What is my Inspiring Tribe?

I am sure many of you have seen me talk a lot lately about my Inspiriting Tribe and being a part of it! 

This is the most important thing to me in my business! It was inspired by the Tribe of people around me through my post partum depression and the people who have been my inspiration through the last 3 years. I want to continue this through all of my amazing customers who have become my inspiring tribe since. I got through this designing and I want to continue designing for you!! You are my inspiration and without you I wouldn't be where I am today. 



*You get special discounts no one else does

*First dibs on all new items(before released to followers or on the website)

*Part of my discount reduction sale that happens 1-2xs a year

*A chance to be my inspiration behind a creation. Your say and off your requests!


Meet my First Inspiring Tribe member Christa Enquist!!!

Spring's Tribe Member

She is one of my best friends & will always be one of my many saving graces!! She has been there for me through thick & thin and loved me even when I felt I was unloveable. She is a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, brand new mom, the best daycare provider ever, a HUGE Hanson Fan(Yes MMBop). I know I didn't know they still sang either!!), a lover of all things tiny and cute, but most of all the kindest woman I will ever meet. 

Here is Christa's Story & where my inspiration came from for her necklace!

It is ok to feel our highs & our lows!!!
This necklace is a beautiful representation of that!! It means “I am greater than my highs & my lows” which was curated in the diabetes community!


Sometimes in life things get hard, what better way to remind yourself how great you are no matter the valley. Whether it’s a diagnosis, disease, illness, tragic accident, or loss of a loved one, we don’t need to let these define who we are.
The inspiration for this necklace came from my dear friend Christa Enquist who was diagnosed with diabetes at 6 years old. She has been a huge part of my journey helping me accept that getting counseling and taking meds doesn’t mean that I am broken. If it weren't for her and her friendship I would still be battling with those feelings & my postpartum depression, so I wanted to design a necklace after her and the ever lasting impression she has had in my life. She was the start of my inspiring tribe

We feel this quote can be a daily reminder to so many no matter our journey. We all have our own highs & lows and we are truly more than any of it.


Thank you Christa for your amazing friendship and everlasting support in my journey! You have been a rock through it all and I will forever be so grateful for you!!


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