June's Chosen Inspiring Tribe Member- Alisha Natic on Self-Love

I would like to introduce the 2nd chosen member of my inspiring tribe.

Summer's Tribe Member

This is Alisha Natic and she is so beautiful inside & out! This amazing mom of 2 has had such an amazing impact on my life. I met her while going through the height of my depression. She has been one of my biggest cheerleaders and taught me so much along my journey. The lesson I value the most is SELF LOVE. Something I had none of. Honestly I didn’t even know how to do it anymore.  

Knowing she had struggled with post-partum depression, weight gain, feeling unworthy and lost in motherhood and fought her own battle with self-love gave me hope that I could too. She has been there every step of the way & continues to teach me that this is a life habit and that I am in fact the ONLY one who can change that.


Alisha’s Story

Her self-love journey started with weight gain from motherhood and what society has taught us that a beautiful, sexy woman should look like. She always dreamt of her dream body and when she realized how dangerous it could be to obtain she decided she had to change this vision of a perfect body, so she set out on loving herself just the way she is.

On her journey she began working out and eating to fuel her body. She paid attention to the way foods made her feel and cut out the things that were making her feel icky. It was a long journey and she reminds me every night that it isn’t one that happens over night or in a few months. In fact, it is something that we are ALWAYS working for.

When I asked her what was her most valuable lesson from this journey she said “It is to truly take the time to get to know yourself so you can truly love yourself. This hit a cord of nerves for me and woke me up. I sat there realizing I had lost myself along the way and I was no longer living for me. I was making every single choice for my family, husband, friends and all the other people in my life that I was afraid were judging me and that I to had this perfect body vision that felt it was unattainable in mommy hood.

When interviewing her I asked her what she wanted this piece of jewelry to say without speaking and she said “to be a reminder of self-love. So when she requested an inverted triangle, I instantly thought it was perfect after all she was my inspiration of my self-love journey & the inverted triangle is the oldest symbol for divine power of the female.

So I set off designing the perfect inverted triangle charm. I knew it had to be dainty because she loves everything dainty except a great statement pair of earrings. I also knew I wanted to incorporate a round charm because the circle represents the power of the female and the power of being complete or whole.



The chain which I was kind of obsessed with this season was perfect as well (Since Alisha loves all things dainty). I also felt we ourselves can be just as fragile as that chain looks, BUT underneath it all we are stronger than anyone or even ourselves even knew. 


Alisha has sat through numerous hours of me talking about my lows and for that I am always going to be grateful.


This is girl has had such a beautiful impact on my life. She has taught me that no matter who we are we all have something we are fighting that we dislike about ourselves. I saw hope through her for the first time in years and belief that I could to get to this beautiful place in life of love and pure happiness!!



Thank you Alisha for being my light and guidance. I will forever be grateful to you!!!


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