Give encouragement to loved ones with my new COVID Inspired Products


This has been the most challenging season of life and I am sure all of you can relate. Between the isolation, home schooling, explaining things to kids who don't understand why they can't see their friends, working from home when its not your norm, having your spouse around more & not stepping on each others toes, to just pure loneliness. 

This is a time in life when we need each other more than ever. If you know someone struggling or someone who is out there fighting this disease, send them a token of appreciation or a friendly "I miss you" to help them get through till you can be together again. 

Bound Together Stud Earrings



I created these world stud earrings with the help of my 2 sons. We as a family wanted to show our love to the world. Rylan my 3 year old paints the water while Garin my 7 year old paints the land. We then create the hearts out of pieces of scrap wire from previously completed projects(we don't like to throw things away). I then finish the world studs with resin to bind everything together.

Resulting in the "Bound Together Studs". 

            Rylan painting      Garin Painting

The name is perfect because not only are they bound together but so are we as a world and what better way to remind someone that they are loved and thought about everyday than through a pair of earrings that they can wear all day. 

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Together In Spirit Coin

Since we are all in some way being kept from friends and family, I wanted to create something we could give them, men or women, to let them know we are together in spirit until we can be together again. What better way to keep you close to their hearts, while showing love, & gratitude than through this coin that was created out of a series of resin layers(4 to be exact).

They can carry it anywhere on their daily outfit or uniform.

Thank you COVID coin















you got this coin

brave soul COVID coin















Customize it with the saying of your choice and leave a very short personalized not on the back or leave the back blank.














When you purchase these Covid Designed porducts a portion of the proceeds will benefit a person or family highly affected by Covid-19. Give these to a loved one you have been physically distanced from to show them you may be apart in distance, but never in the heart!! These are a perfect gift for someone in the medical field, retail sales, grocery clerks, your child’s teacher etc. 

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