Fall's Chosen Tribe Member- Suzy Simonson

I would like to introduce the 3rd chosen member of my inspiring tribe.

Falls Chosen Tribe Member


Ladies meet Suzy Simonson. She is a mom, a wife, a stroke survivor, bestselling author and a life/business coach. Knowing her story, seeing her build her business and the I am conference all while being a mom & wife gave me the extra courage & hope I needed. She has been so important in my growth over the last year. She helped me grow personally & in business. She saw things in me I hadn’t seen and helped me to believe. She allowed me to borrow her belief until it became my very own.

She has guided me in my healing & growth and I can now accept compliments, believe in my dreams, believe I am a good mom despite my past struggles, and know I am beautiful inside and out no matter my outside appearance or what is going on inside. We are hoping to pass this on through my design. 

Kat Minks, Suzy Simonson & Jenny Bader at Twin Cities Collective Awards ceremony in 2019

When designing with Suzy as my inspiration I immediately knew it had to be a statement piece. First that is what she loves to wear but second she is truly like a statement piece of jewelry. I feel this necklace represents her because she always stands out by making a statement & difference in this world with her coaching & I am conference. I attended her conference and met her exactly when my world needed her. She will never stop making a statement. She is helping women find their value, their belief & their I am story.

First Step:

I just knew I had to incorporate sparkles because her personality sparkles & she helps make others around her sparkle. As you can see if you have watched my story over the last 3 years I have gained my sparkles back, so it was just fitting!

1st step of handmade resin pendant 

2nd & 3rd Steps: 

I choose the flower shape because it is big like her belief in others and her heart. This pendant is made from a hand drawn template on wax paper, where I then trace it with hot glue to keep the resin from running outside of the shape. I then fill it with glitter roxs & resin in a several step process and curing days. The beauty is that no 2 pendants will ever be exactly the same just like she shows us how to fully be our own unique self. To Love it, embrace it and run with it. 

Also I added the black paint to show how her kindness and belief is spreading through the world. 

After another layer or 2 of resin and 2 days or curing I hand drill wholes in it to attach it to chain. 

Sunshine Necklace

The Name:

We chose Sunshine as it's name because it glitters like the sun & her nickname was Suzy Sunshine growing up. If you ever get to meet her...... You will know exactly why. 

Thank you Suzy for being my sunshine through the tough times, helping me grow and chasing my dreams!!!

I will always have my new found confidence on when wearing this necklace.

I hope her story, my story & wearing this necklace gives you the confidence you need at the exact time you need it and you feel you are making a statement in this world!!


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