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Small Numbers, Date or Year Charm


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TO COMPLETE YOUR ADD-ON ORDER please indicate the numbers, date, or year you would like on your charm(s) in the notes during check-out. Can be up to 4 numbers.  If it is a date the year will not fit, just the month and day.

Add an extra bling to your new necklace or bracelet with the addition of a Small Date or Number Charm! Choose your finish between gold, silver, and bronze. This add-on further personalizes your handmade piece of jewelry by adding memorable numbers and dates.

Pair it with an Itsy Lowercase Initial Charm add-on for a truly unique, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Makes any necklace or bracelet great for gift giving and completely unique to the receiver!!

If you are ordering more then one piece of jewelry please specify in the notes which piece you would like your charm(s) added to.