Restore Our Warrior Donation

Restore Our Warrior Donation


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It is time to Give Back to a Beautiful Soul and Restore Our Warrior!

If you have even just glazed the surface of a quick smile and conversation with this lady, you have felt her energy.
To call her a sister, daughter, wife, or a have been Changed Forever.


She is one of the rarest of human beings.
She loves with her whole heart, lives without hesitation, and shows up on every level for every one in her life.
Her light has touched so many.
Her strength may have pulled you through a rough time or helped make a difficult decision.
Her support is endless.
She has stood by many of our sides.

And now, it is our turn to RECIPROCATE all of that LOVE and SUPPORT to her and Kurt.

Kandice was diagnosed with a rare form of Liver Cancer in October of 2020. 
In the midst of this, and her treatments, she and her devoted husband, Kurt, have continued to work full time.

100% of the proceeds will be donated DIRECTLY TO KANDICE AND KURT!!!

This is such a meaningful creation, especially in these difficult times, when social distancing and guidelines must be followed to protect her immunity.
What a special way to keep her near us and us surrounding her.